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A propos de l'argent et le travail, vous vous imposerez une discipline rigoureuse pour satisfaire votre besoin de progresser professionnellement. En famille, faites l'effort de vous montrer plus chaleureux : cela facilitera grandement vos rapports avec votre partenaire et vos proches.

L'hypnose, une alternative à la voyance

Pour l'instant l'ambiance est assez tendue. Niveau amour, sachez profiter de circonstances favorables pour vous rendre disponible et approfondir les relations existantes.

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Montrez votre implication dans vos relations. En ce qui concerne l'argent et le travail, vous pourrez compter sur l'appui de personnes influentes. Vous recevrez le soutien que vous attendiez.

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Les circonstances vous permettront de voir votre partenaire sous un jour nouveau. Les influx astraux pourraient faire bouger les choses dans votre vie professionnelle. A propos de l'humeur, risque d'insatisfaction. N'abusez pas d'excitants. The exact number of seers in Paris is as difficult to nail down as the future itself.

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By comparison, the capital has 7, physicians, 2, dentists, 2, butchers and 1, bread-and-pastry makers. Around the world today, particularly in Africa, South America and the Far East, fortunetelling and astrology play far more important roles in everyday life. The Gallic passion for forecasting the future is surprising, though, given the traditional French penchant for enlightened reasoning and Cartesian logic.

Divination is being practiced everywhere and it is taking on new, modern dimensions. Chicken sacrifices are out, and computers are in.

On the Champs-Elysees, for instance, Astroflash, a computer-based astrology firm, serves more than customers each day. At lunchtime, a line often spills out of the store as people wait to have their futures foretold by a massive IBM computer that churns out more than miles worth of horoscopes and colorful birth charts each year. Long before the advent of high-tech fortunetelling, France was home to Michel de Nostredame, better known as Nostradamus, the physician and astrologer in the court of Henry II.

Today, Nostradamus remains a source of mystery and fascination for the French. Throughout the year, many flock to the southern town of Salon-de-Provence, where Nostradamus lived his last years and is buried.

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Nostradamus is not the only prognosticator to have been consulted by French potentates. King Louis XI, who ruled France from to , never made a move without first consulting his fortune-teller, Galeotti. And Napoleon Bonaparte and his wife regularly consulted Mlle. Lenormand, a popular seer who accurately predicted that Napoleon would die in exile on St.

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They could not have done much good, since three mistakenly predicted that he would win. Current French leaders are rumored to see fortune-tellers and astrologers; however, the soothsayers refuse to divulge the names of clients.

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On French radio, fortune-tellers and astrologers get top ratings by giving helpful life-style tips to hundreds of thousands of listeners.